Liptov Ride

Liptov Ride

Liptov Ride is a cool relay race that connects five different sports - running, ski touring, freeride, biking and white water kayaking. As an outdoor sports enthusiast I was also super enthusiastic about this collaboration - to create a design for leggings that would show what this race is about. Final design shows the story from the whole race. From running through the forest and above streams, to ski touring up the Chopok (famous ski mountain in Liptov region), freeriding down one of its couloirs, biking through the fields and in the end white water kayaking in local water slalom areal. Leggings were locally and ethically produced with collaboration with Abraka, sustainable brand and manufacturer from Slovakia.

Liptov Ride leggingsLiptov Ride leggingsLiptov Ride leggingsLiptov Ride leggings


Client’s testimonital


“Artist you definitely wanna work with. Liptov Ride combines 5 sports in unique outdoor race and passion for outdoors is evident in Katka's work. Katka is behind the design of Liptov Ride merch - sports leggings. She embraced striking elements representing each of 5 disciplines, connection of nature and community while presenting routing and race atmosphere. Every idea and detail transferred onto the fabric. We love the design and wearing these leggings. And we are more than happy to recommend cooperation with @wildmedesigns.” Liptov Ride team



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