Moyo baby

- surface pattern design -

As a mother who has been carrying her kids in baby carrier for many years I was super stoked when Barbora from Moyo baby asked me to make a seamless design pattern for their ergonomic baby carriers. They wanted something simple, minimalistic, reflecting nature and landscape elements. We worked with different versions and came to the final result, which became also very favourite among the Moyo customers. 


„Once a friend sent me a link to Katarina's Instagram so I could see her work. I am an owner of a brand manufacturing ergonomic carriers for children, which we produce with original designs. After looking at her art on Instagram, I thought I would contact Katarina and try to arrange cooperation with her. I was very pleasantly surprised by how quickly we agreed on everything, and also by Katarina's enthusiasm for this project. I described very slightly my idea of the design and left the rest to the illustrator 😊

I was thrilled when soon after came the first design proposals. The final result exceeded my expectations and the baby carrier with Katarina's design is also a huge success among customers. I believe that this project was not the only one we made together and I definitely plan to contact Katarina in the future. I definitely recommend the cooperation with her.“

Barbora, CEO and owner of Moyo Baby

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