Co-creation live painting and networking at Connect Day 24, Vienna, Austria

- mural -

Another great live mural co-creative gig!

I was booked by Austria Wirtschaftsservice to organise live mural painting at their networking and matchmaking event Connect Day 24 in Vienna.

We worked together on designing an artwork that speaks the vision of the Connect Day:

  • connection, networking
  • creation
  • planting of new ideas
  • growing

I prepared, painted and pre-sketched this artwork prior to the event, transported it to the site...and then it was up to the participants during the Connect Day to help me with the co-creation.

People stopped, drew, talked, connected, took pictures. In the end we all together co-created this piece of artwork envisioning the mission of Connect Day.


„Proactive as Katarina is, it was very easy and fun to brief her about the event vision / goals of Connect Day 24 and then brainstorm together. She incorporated all design elements that were necessary from a CI point and building on the main theme – connecting people – created a wonderful design. The event offered many networking opportunities. The mural was used as a counterbalance: to slow people down and even offering a calmer way of matchmaking while painting. We are so happy with the final design, it will hang in our office for the foreseeable future.“ 

Dominica Schmid Schmidsfelden, Head of Events, Austria Wirtschaftsservice 

Watch short video of captured co-painting vibes at Connect Day 24:

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