Transforming Airbnb apartment into unforgettable stay in Bratislava, Slovakia

- mural -

I got asked to create all over mural line artwork picturing the most known icons of Bratislava in black and white elegant style, that complements the interior feel of this serviced accomodation apartment. See for yourself how it elevated the apartment!


„I am very satisfied with the mural painting on the wall in the Stella apartment. The painting featuring beauties of Bratislava such as  Koliba, Devínska Kobyla, Bratislava Castle is very well executed. The contrast of black paint on a white background is very elegant and adds exceptional charm to the place.The artist put her soul into it, as the work is truly unique and personalized. I am thrilled with the result and would definitely recommend Katarina further.“

Andrea Kondelova, owner of Stella apartment

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