Enhancing Customer Experience at a Makovice Restaurant and Coffee Spot in Stupava, Slovakia

- mural -

Here's a perfect demonstration of how mural design can elevate and enrich the atmosphere of an entire establishment! In this case a charming restaurant and community centre Makovice in Stupava, Slovakia. I believe the client's testimonial encapsulates the entire process beautifully - you can read it under the photo gallery.


„We are very happy that we approached Katarina to paint our walls. The design and color scheme were completed quickly; she sensed the space and atmosphere. From her painting, we expected a depiction of the surrounding nature, plants, and animals characteristic of the Carpathian Mountains around us. At the same time, we needed to brighten and cozy up the room. Katarina succeeded in this 100%. We left the choice of colors to Katarina. She worked cleanly and diligently protected the space against dirt. What we greatly appreciate is the subsequent communication regarding the care of the wall and painting and the willingness to adapt the painting to the environment, as food is consumed by the wall and there is a children's corner.

Katarina, thank you for the beautiful mural that brightened up our room and the eyes of our visitors. We enjoy its colors and atmosphere, making our visitors' day brighter.“

Zuzana Jurčová, head manager of Makovice

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