Elevating the community centre in Bratislava, Slovakia

- mural -

Brief was to elevate entering hallway in community centre Skalna Ruza with mural that encaptures the vibes and missions of the centre. Now all guests and visitors are greeted with this warm welcoming artwork.


„I really love the mural in our Centre, Centrum Skalná Ruža, which was born from Katarina's artistic soul. Every day when I come in, it's the first thing I see, welcoming me into our premises. For me, the mural is like a border, a dividing line between the chaotic, busy outer world and my inner creative bubble. It has so many lovely layers. My eyes are touched by different details every time. Sometimes it's a simple word, other times it's the geometry that holds personal meaning for me. Another day, it's our logo, which reminds me that what we do has meaning. Overall, the mural helps me settle into the present moment.“ Jana Hlavekova, co-owner of Skalna Ruza

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