Co-creation magic at Skinnovation 2024

Co-creation magic at Skinnovation 2024

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Here's a story about how a simple idea turned into something amazing at Skinnovation 2024, the first startup and innovation festival on skis, taking place in Innsbruck, Austria.

As a future attendee of this event, I woke up one day with an idea: why not paint a mural there live and let everyone at the festival join in? So, I emailed Kathrin Treutinger, founder, and visionary behind Skinnovation, and she loved the idea!

I'd never done a live mural before, especially not with other people helping. But I was more excited than nervous. 

First, I had to come up with a design that fit the vibe of Skinnovation - connection, startup, and innovative spirit, networking, love for the mountains, and skiing. After thinking hard, I came up with a design that everyone loved.

A week before the festival, I went to Innsbruck to get ready. I painted the base colors and sketched the design so it would be easy for others to join in, even if they weren't confident in their drawing skills. 

And you know what? It turned out even better than I hoped! 

I started drawing alone with some special Posca acrylic markers. Soon, other people started joining me. At first, just one or two at once, and then more and more, so it was always buzzing around the mural. It was amazing to see everyone adding their own ideas and having fun together. 

We laughed, shared positive vibes, and felt connected through our art. It showed me how powerful simple tools like pencils and brushes can be in bringing people together, spreading joy, and fostering mindfulness. 

I want to say a big thank you to Kathrin, Simon, and the rest of the Skinnovation team for having me and letting me do this. And thanks to everyone who grabbed a pen and added their touch to our awesome creation. 

Together, we didn't just paint a mural; we painted a story of friendship, creativity, and the spirit of Skinnovation.

Watch the co-creation magic vibes at Skinnovation 2024!

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