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Make your space uniquely yours with a mural that speaks volumes. Murals bring charm and curiosity to any setting, effortlessly catching the eye and sparking conversations. While in the art world I'm recognized for my signature line art style, mostly in black and white, I take great care to weave your story and preferences into a custom mural design.

With me, it's not just about art—it's about creating a piece that feels tailor-made for you. Let's turn your vision into a personalized masterpiece for your walls.

Commercial mural

Murals, in particular, play a significant role beyond aesthetics, shaping customers' perceptions of businesses or rental spaces.

Murals are more than just art - they’re marketing opportunities for your brand. Whether it is a storefront, office, headquarters, rental space.

Mural is a powerful way to showcase your brand’s mission and values, engage with your community and promote your business

Personal Mural

Murals aren't just for businesses. They're the perfect addition to your home, wedding, or special event.

Add charm to a nursery, ignite creativity in your home office, or create a stunning photo backdrop for your next gathering.

With a custom-crafted mural, you can elevate any space and make it uniquely yours.

Mural Process:

  1. Let's kickstart your project! I want to hear all about your vision, goals, location, and timeframe.

  2. I'll assess the space, either in person or through photos, and provide a tailored quote and proposal based on square footage.

  3. Once the agreement is signed and the deposit is made, we're ready to roll!

  4. I'll start by hand-drawing and designing a mockup to scale, giving you a clear vision of how the mural will look in your space. You'll receive 1-2 concepts and have the opportunity for 1-2 rounds of revisions.

  5. It's time to paint! Depending on the size of the wall, painting typically takes between 1-7 days to complete.


The pricing varies based on several factors: wall measurements, the complexity of the concept, and the duration required for painting. Please provide all relevant details via email.


I am available to create murals worldwide! Simply provide the exact location, and I'll be en route!

What my clients say:

My mission is to provide clients with a worry-free creative collaboration that results in great outcomes for both parties. Explore testimonials of my mural work below:


Skinnovation festival, Innsbruck

“Working with Katarina has been a great experience as it has been always very easy and productive. Katarina works very independently and customer-focused. And lastly her mural has been a real highlight at our event, catching people's interest and getting them involved.” Kathrin Treutinger, founder of Skinnovation


Makovice Restaurant, Stupava

“We are very happy that we approached Katarina to paint our walls. The design and color scheme were completed quickly; she sensed the space and atmosphere.

Katarina, thank you for the beautiful mural that brightened up our room and the eyes of our visitors. We enjoy its colors and atmosphere, making our visitors' day brighter.” - Makovice Team

Read the whole testimonial in my mural portfolio.


Stella Airbnb Apartment, Bratislava

“I am very satisfied with the mural painting on the wall in the Stella apartment. The painting featuring beauties of Bratislava such as  Koliba, Devínska Kobyla, Bratislava Castle is very well executed. The contrast of black paint on a white background is very elegant and adds exceptional charm to the place.The artist put her soul into it, as the work is truly unique and personalized. I am thrilled with the result and would definitely recommend Katarina further.” - Andrea, owner of Stella apartment


Community Center Skalna Ruza, Bratislava

“I really love the mural in our Centre, Centrum Skalná Ruža, which was born from Katarina's artistic soul. Every day when I come in, it's the first thing I see, welcoming me into our premises. For me, the mural is like a border, a dividing line between the chaotic, busy outer world and my inner creative bubble. It has so many lovely layers...” Jana, co-owner of Skalna Ruza

Read the whole testimonial in my mural portfolio.


Yin Yang Bedroom, Stupava

“Katarina is very positive and easy-going, and it's a pleasure to collaborate with her. In addition to creating a logo and materials for my brand, she also made a mural in the bedroom. Her communication is truly pleasant and effective, and we quickly agreed on the final design. Thanks to her, our space has taken on a completely new dimension and energy.” - Stanka

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