Face behind Wildmedesigns

Hi there! I'm Katarina, designer, artist and muralist with a passion for nature and adventure. I've always had creativity running through my veins, starting from my early days of holding a pencil. My love for the outdoors blossomed in my late teens, leading me into the world of climbing, hiking, and biking.

This love for nature guided my career path, leading me to study Product Design at university and eventually working as an apparel designer for top outdoor brands in Switzerland and Germany. Today, I balance my time between the outdoor sports industry and my childhood dream of being an artist and illustrator.

Under the banner of Wildmedesigns, I unleash my wild creativity, drawing inspiration from my life experiences. My art reflects my deep connection to nature and outdoor sports, portraying mountains, forests, rivers, and the spirit of adventure. Each piece carries a message, reminding us to reconnect with nature and embrace our wild side.


Whether it's creating single prints, murals, logos or surface patterns, I bring my unique perspective and empathy to every project, visualizing my clients' visions and bringing them to life.

If you're interested in collaborating or just want to say hi, drop me an email at katarina@wildmedesigns.com.

Let's stay wild and create together!

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