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Spreading my art and joy around the walls worldwide.

Bringing colors and life into the elementary school entrance gate in Plavecký Štvrtok, Slovakia

This is likely my most remarkable wall transformation through mural work. This heartwarming project demonstrated once again how mural art can magically transform a space, turning a gray, uninviting entrance into a welcoming, colorful portal. Encouraged by the cheers of school pupils, teachers, and others, seeing the happy kids pass through the gate was incredibly rewarding. Bring on more school projects!

Tropical mural magic at Liquid Surf in Cantabria, Spain

My largest project to date: transforming the Liquid Surf house in Northern Spain into a tropical paradise. This involved not only painting murals but also creating the entire design concept for the hotel. By enhancing guest rooms, common areas, and hallways, this project showcases how wall painting and colors can elevate and transform interiors with 'simple' brush strokes.

Lineart Mountain bedroom mural in Bratislava, Slovakia

I was commissioned to paint a mural of Lomnický štít, a mountain with special significance to the owners. We opted for a minimalist line art style, which is my signature, and the result exceeded our expectations.

Co-creative live mural at Skinnovation festival, Innsbruck, Austria

Coming up with an idea for a live mural performance at Skinnovation 2024, the first startup and innovation festival on skis, the mural was reflecting the vision and mission of the festival and inviting participants to join in drawing. The outcome was amazing - as all united during this process in joy, laughter, and common satisfaction of a co-creation.

Read more about this live mural performance in a blog.

“Working with Katarina has been a great experience as it has been always very easy and productive. Katerina works very Independent and customer-focused. And lastly her mural has been a real highlight at our event, catching people's interest and getting them involved.”
Kathrin Treutinger, founder of Skinnovation

Infusing Vibrant Colors and Bold Lines into the Retreat House, Olvera, Spain

Beginning the journey of turning an old Spanish townhouse into a stunning work of art. My first mural here showcases the beautiful hills of Olvera, merging seamlessly with the calming waves of the sea and a gentle sunset. It's all about bringing the magic of nature indoors to create the Sunset Room.

Enhancing Customer Experience at a Makovice Restaurant and Coffee Spot in Stupava, Slovakia

Here's a perfect demonstration of how mural design can elevate and enrich the atmosphere of an entire establishment! I believe the client's testimonial encapsulates the entire process beautifully:

„We are very happy that we approached Katarina to paint our walls. The design and color scheme were completed quickly; she sensed the space and atmosphere. From her painting, we expected a depiction of the surrounding nature, plants, and animals characteristic of the Carpathian Mountains around us. At the same time, we needed to brighten and cozy up the room. Katarina succeeded in this 100%. We left the choice of colors to Katarina. She worked cleanly and diligently protected the space against dirt.

Katarina, thank you for the beautiful mural that brightened up our room and the eyes of our visitors. We enjoy its colors and atmosphere, making our visitors' day brighter.“ Zuzana Jurcova, managing director Makovice

Transforming Airbnb apartment into unforgettable stay in Bratislava, Slovakia

I got asked to create all over mural line artwork picturing the most known icons of Bratislava in black and white elegant style, that complements the interior feel of this serviced accomodation apartment. See for yourself how it elevated the apartment!

„I am very satisfied with the mural painting on the wall in the Stella apartment. The painting featuring beauties of Bratislava such as  Koliba, Devínska Kobyla, Bratislava Castle is very well executed. The contrast of black paint on a white background is very elegant and adds exceptional charm to the place.The artist put her soul into it, as the work is truly unique and personalized. I am thrilled with the result and would definitely recommend Katarina further.“ Andrea Kondelova, owner of Stella apartment

Making the bedroom unique in Stupava, Slovakia

Do you feel your white walls need some artistic touch? We changed this luxury,  minimalist bedroom into the piece of art. I’ve created a design proposal with two opposite face profiles, picturing feminine and macsuline, hidden in a mountain landscape. 

„Katarina is very positive and easy-going, and it's a pleasure to collaborate with her. In addition to creating a logo and materials for my brand, she also made a mural in the bedroom. Her communication is truly pleasant and effective, and we quickly agreed on the final design. Thanks to her, our space has taken on a completely new dimension and energy.“ Stanka Benova, owner of the property

Elevating the community centre in Bratislava, Slovakia

Brief was to elevate entering hallway in community centre Skalna Ruza with mural that encaptures the vibes and missions of the centre. Now all guests and visitors are greeted with this warm welcoming artwork.

„I really love the mural in our Centre, Centrum Skalná Ruža, which was born from Katarina's artistic soul. Every day when I come in, it's the first thing I see, welcoming me into our premises. For me, the mural is like a border, a dividing line between the chaotic, busy outer world and my inner creative bubble. It has so many lovely layers. My eyes are touched by different details every time. Sometimes it's a simple word, other times it's the geometry that holds personal meaning for me. Another day, it's our logo, which reminds me that what we do has meaning. Overall, the mural helps me settle into the present moment.“ Jana Hlavekova, co-owner of Skalna Ruza

Elevating old caravan in Farnese, Italy

I traveled to an off grid magical place in Italy to elevate their old caravan, which serves as base for guests and visitors. We turned the old rusty caravan into the vibrant, happy peace of art fitting to the atmosphere of the place.

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