- wrist ID band design -

What an amazing collaboration it was! I was approached by the fantastic US brand, ROADiD, known for crafting top-notch safety bands that not only prioritize safety but also exude a stylish appeal, catering to sports enthusiasts. They invited me to craft two unique designs for their inaugural Artist Band Series and generously granted me creative freedom.

The sole directive provided was to convey the following message through my designs:

“To inspire people to leave their couches and go explore the wilderness.” 

INSPIRE - EXPLORE- WILDERNESS. I believe that in nature we can all find some peace and wisdom and escape from the stress of everyday life. Living for the raw present moment makes us slow down and be more mindful. 

I have created two designs, NIGHT ADVENTURE and DAY ADVENTURE. 

I always find the greatest joy in collaborating with like-minded clients, working on projects that align with my values. The collaboration with ROADiD was no exception. I deeply appreciate their trust in granting me the creative freedom to select the theme and express it in my own unique way. It is an honor to witness my art being worn by countless individuals, aiding them in their pursuit of safer and more fulfilling adventures.

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